90 yr old, Mrs Hyum Ja Kong training with Grandmaster Choi

What can Choi Kwang Do offer Adults?

Answer - Optimum Health & wellbeing, for life.
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Mr barry Vinton. One of the Hampshire CKD instructor team

There can be no greater accolade to the CKD System than the conditioning of Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi himself.
His abilities are those of a man in his early twenties yet he is now in his 7th decade.
It's hard to question his claim that he'll be 'Younger next Year'

He is not alone, as a recent article in the Tae Kwon Do Times magazine focuses on Mrs Hyum Ja Kong and her achievement of Black Belt at the age of 90!!
The article can be found here, courtesy of
Tae Kwon Do Times - March 2006

Whilst we accept that ageing is inevitable, decay is optional.
Choi Kwang do can help you, as part of program, to live a health active life until you're in to your 80's and beyond.

Our training has been specially designed for adults, to help them relieve stress and get fit in a fun and enjoyable environment.
This adults' programme is not too demanding on the body and does not require extreme flexibility. Our stretching is based around Yoga techniques that help to enhance your flexibility, without straining the body.

This Martial Art class will help you deal with many of life's pressures. Its focus is on getting you in shape and relieving stress, whilst teaching you effective and practical Martial Arts, in a safe and peaceful environment. We remove the pressure and stress that comes from styles based on competition such as Kickboxing, Karate & Taekwondo and are programme is fully researched to deliver more effective workouts than systems such as Boxercise and Bodycombat.

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